When It’s Time To Make The Move To Assisted Living

As adult children watch their parents get older, it can be tough to know when it’s the time to move to make the move to assisted living. Some signs may be more obvious than others, but the key is to listen to your gut, if something does not feel right.

While it may be a son or daughter’s instinct to trust their parent when they say they’re eating and taking their medication, simply asking questions isn’t always enough. When you are visiting with them at home, open the refrigerator, is it filled with food or bare? Is the milk expired, the bread stale? Are dishes washed? Are their medications placed haphazardly? If they’re using a weekly pill container, open and look. If it’s Sunday and all the meds are still there,, that’s a warning.

Be proactive. Take that first step and see what your options are. Learn about what senior living communities such as assisted living is like. What does it offer, what does it cost, how does this work? Get educated.

Begin to explore options so if you and or when something happens you’re prepared. If a fall or a broken hip happens, you’re prepared. If a fall or broken hip, pneumonia happens or other critical circumstances or pneumonia happens or other critical circumstances you will then have to make decisions quickly and emotions can cloud judgment. Know your options before and be proactively prepared so you know what decision to make prior to an emergency situation. While some people may still picture an assisted living communities are like a “skilled nursing” home with seniors lining the halls in wheelchairs, this is not the case.

Assisted Living communities are just that, a community, a dignified engaging place to be part of when home is no longer possible. Adult children need to go visit and look so that when they present it to their parent, they have an understanding of what a fulfilling lifestyle their loved one can be living.

If you would like more information or would like a free tour of Glen Terra Assisted Living community, please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a tour.

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