Making the Most Out of Your Visit with Your

Loved One in a Senior Living Home

Visiting Glen TerraMaking a visit to a family member or a friend in a senior living home doesn’t need to be uncomfortable or to feel awkward anymore. In fact it can be rewarding for both you and the senior. Here are some tips to be prepared with before your visits.

Put your focus on the senior and put your personal feelings aside. This visit is about them and giving them your time. Set your cell phone aside and don’t focus on the clock.

Bring an item from home to help break the ice. Something that will help set the tone for your visit. A current photo of your garden or of the grandkids, a newspaper article or a funny video are all great ice breakers.

Come prepared with some topics of conversation so that there are no moments of uncomfortable silence. Get your loved one involved in the conversation by saying these three words “Tell me about” and fill in the blank. For example, “Tell me about your favorite recipe” or “Tell me about your time in the armed forces.” Then listen and engage in the conversation, adding your own memories.

Do something different. If your loved one is capable of moving out of their room, take them outside. It’s amazing what fresh scenery does for us. If possible you could even just go for a scenic drive. Grab a sack lunch and sit in the parking lot of a park, it doesn’t need to be long for it to be quality time. You will need to plan the trip ahead of time with the staff at Glen Terra so they can assist in making sure that your loved one is dressed appropriately for the outdoors.

Choose to visit when there is an activity planned. Here at Glen Terra, our activity schedule has many great things to do. Make memories while attending an activity with your loved one and experiencing life with them. Check out our monthly calendar here.

Most importantly, don’t let the fear of silence or being uncomfortable keep you from visiting your loved one. Studies have proven that loneliness negatively affects a persons health. Just a short visit can improve how a person feels and make a lasting impact on them.

Please let us know if you have any questions about visiting a loved one at Glen Terra.